At the Village Garden we are coffee lovers, coffee drinkers and our Head Barista has over 20 years’ experience blending, brewing and serving up delicious coffee beverages to the public.

We work with a local Irish owned and run roasters, where we exhaustedly trialled many, many espresso roasts to create what we believe is the perfect crowd pleaser espresso base.

Using a single origin bean from the Sul De Minas region of Brazil, we have created a quirky blend comprised of one single origin coffee cherry that is picked and roasted at both its underripe Yellow stage and at its over-ripened Red stage.

This allows us to create a unique espresso roast that is both single origin and a blend.

We find it perfectly marries the refined citrus, mellowed caramel and cardamom notes of one stage of the beans roast profile with the juicy soft fruit notes, chocolate and honeyed nut profile of a late stage to create a cup of coffee that our customers love for its medium body and acidity and for its sweet and smooth finish.